What Is Poker Face ?



In the game of poker there is a strategy so that we can win where we can’t show our cards to our opponents, and what’s more important in playing poker is that our faces can’t show what our cards are, for example this is if we get a bad card Do not show a sad or grumpy face so that our opponents will not know the condition of our cards.

So in a game of poker known as the expressionless Poker Face instinct where people will not be able to predict what cards we are holding, and these words are also used by the singer again, “Poker Face”.

which illustrates that we have to use intuition in knowing a person’s heart, and no one knows what is on someone’s mind with his Poker Face. So we don’t know the person’s card until the game is over.

There is also a term taken from the game of Poker, namely “Ace in the hole” which means that the ace that determines the winners will not have anyone knowing where he is until the end of the game quepasamagazine.com.


In the business world, this is often applied so that we can compete with competitors so that competitors do not know our strategy in winning market competition, or instinctively no one is honest in the business world if we want to win the competition there must be tricks that make our rivals don’t know our strategy, because if they know of course we will lose in business competition.


What are the tricks for maintaining a flat face or ‘poker face’?


Here are some tricks to get a Poker Face, it is necessary in various situations; for example when lying and playing cards.

quiet. When you lie do it calmly and control our heartbeat. Believe that your lie is truth and reality. Then your face will look flat.


Second, control all your movements. Don’t let yourself and your habits control you. For example, you usually smile when you get a good card, control yourself so you don’t smile for more than 1 second; the pleasure of getting a good card save and blast later.

Third, look boldly at the other person or your opponent. That way they will focus more on what you say and show it on purpose rather than other small details.


It just seems like that. Practice using the mirror to lie to yourself. Because the person who is most difficult to lie is yourself. If you can kid yourself, it will be very easy to have a poker face.


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